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How to Play

Learn more about Monster Hunter Now’s play modes.

Explore the real world

The world of Monster Hunter has become connected with our world. Get ready to head outdoor, explore around you, complete quests, collect materials, and fend off mighty monsters!

Hunt monsters

Can you slay large monsters in just 75 seconds? Master various weapon types and improve your skills and clear time with every battle.

Forge and upgrade your weapons & armors

Gather materials such as ore, monster bones, and plants from gathering points scattered around your location in the real world. Now forge and upgrade your weapons & armor so you can hunt even more dangerous monsters.

Multiplayer with other hunters

Some monsters are too strong to face alone. Team up with other nearby hunters and hunt together to take down even tougher foes!

Battle with monsters anywhere using Paintball

Found a monster while exploring that you want to hunt later? Use a Paintball and fight that monster later from anywhere you want.

Download Today

Monster Hunter Now is available for download! Get outside and hunt monsters in the real world.