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Power up your armor like never before with Driftsmelting!


Today we’re releasing a brand new feature to spice up your hunts - are you ready to driftsmelt?!

Driftsmelting lets you add skills at random to your armor. With this new feature, you can now upgrade your armor even further to help slay powerful monsters.

Upgrade your armor now and let’s hunt!

Feature Details:


Driftsmelting lets you add skills at random to your armor. Head to the driftsmelting menu*, then select your armor and driftstone to begin smelting.
*Tapping on the bottom-right icon in the equipment menu will take you to the driftsmelting menu.

The driftsmelting process will be completed after walking a certain distance. However, Insta-Smelt Solution can be used to complete the process immediately.

Each time driftsmelting is performed, one skill will be added at random. A maximum of 10 skills imparted via driftsmelting can be saved to each piece of armor. If you go over 10, you can choose any skill to remove and save a new one. You can then set one of these skills to a driftsmelt slot to activate it during your hunts.
*If there are multiple slots, you can set as many skills as there are slots. Skills that have already been set cannot be set in other slots.


Driftstones are items used to perform driftsmelting. They can be obtained as rewards for slaying large monsters (only after the driftsmelting feature has been unlocked). Different skills can be acquired via different types of driftstones.
*For details on the skills that can be granted, tap on the driftsone in the driftsmelting menu.

◆ Types of driftstones and available skills

  • Driftstones are eligible for double rewards via Special Carving Knives.
  • You can hold up to 9 driftstones in your inventory.
  • Using a Special Carving Knife when you already have 8 driftstones in your inventory will temporarily allow you to hold 10.
  • Driftstones can be deleted.

◆ Skill Parameters

Skills added via driftsmelting will receive one of the following types of parameters at random. The value of the parameter will also be random but each one has an upper limit.

Parameters that will be added at random:

  • Attack (ex: Attack +1)
  • Defense (ex: Defense +1)
  • Affinity (ex: Affinity +1%)

Driftstone Shards

Driftstone shards are obtained as a byproduct of driftsmelting. Once you have enough driftstone shards, you can exchange them for driftgems. Driftgems and driftstones impart different skills.
*You can check the details of the skill in the exchange menu.
*You can navigate to your driftstone shards by tapping on the bottom-right icon in the driftsmelting menu.

Additional Information:

*Driftsmelting will be available as soon as you upgrade to the latest version V76.2.
*Driftsmelting will be unlocked after completing the pre-season story.
*The pre-season story refers to the period from the end of the prologue to the completion of Chapter 13: Sunderer of the Skies.
*The types of driftstones and available skills may change in the future.
*Content is subject to change without notice.

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