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A good weapon is half the battle. Learn more about the weapons available in Monster Hunter Now!


Sword & Shield

A perfect balance of offense and defense, the Sword & Shield allows you to strike fast while also maintaining the ability to block attacks by long pressing on your device. A great starting weapon that hunters have relied on for years, the Sword & Shield also have a Special Skill “Perfect Rush Combo” that can pummel monsters with powerful consecutive attacks.

Great Sword

Big monsters sometimes require big weapons—and they don’t come bigger than the Great Sword. Hold nothing back and attack monsters with the full fury of a larger-than-life lethal blade– a long press unleashes a powerful charged slash. The Great Sword Special Skill, “True Charged Slash” uses all of your strength to attack monsters with an even more powerful slash that deals massive damage.

Long Sword

The Long Sword allows for speedy and precise continuous attacks. Attacking monsters charge up a Spirit Gauge that increases attack damage, but if you take damage you’ll lose the Spirit Gauge. The Special Skill “Spirit Helm Breaker” causes a large amount of damage with a jumping and slashing attack from the sky.


Do you want to just hit big things with equally big weapons? Forget the precision of blades, the Hammer is a blunt force weapon that will surely leave an impression on any monster you use it to bash… especially if that monster was bashed on the head. The Special Skill “Spinning Bludgeon” continually deals damage while you swing the hammer around before ending in a powerful upper attack.

Light Bowgun

Stay a safe distance away from the fray and unleash a long-range barrage that’ll make even a Barroth think twice about messing with you. The bullets differ depending on the bowgun, and picking bullets that are effective against specific monsters will make your attacks even stronger. The Special Skill “Wyvernblast Counter” fires a powerful bullet that causes a large explosion and can deal great damage to monsters.


A weapon that excels at medium-range attacks. By long pressing the screen, it allows the player to charge up to four levels, each level unleashing arrows with different types. The Special Skill “Dragon Piercer” uses all of the Hunter’s might to release an arrow that can pierce through anything, yielding significant damage to monsters when used.

More weapons on their way!

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