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Hunter fighting Kushala Daora with a Gunlance
Hunter fighting Kushala Daora with a Gunlance
Monster Hunter Now
Monster Hunter Now
The Hunt Starts Now


Major Update: Dancing in the Tempest
Major Update: The Vernal Invader
Major update: Fulminations in the Frost
Learn more about Monster Hunter Now from the team at Niantic and Capcom.
Explore your surroundings, forge weapons, and team up with others to hunt monsters.
Build and strengthen your weapon arsenal to conquer dangerous monsters.
From the Great Jagras to the Rathalos, prepare to encounter all types of monsters.

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Hunt monsters in the real world

Hunt epic monsters in your area! The newest mobile game in the Monster Hunter series, Monster Hunter Now has been masterfully crafted to bring the exciting monster battles the series is known for to mobile devices. Learn how to play and get ready to experience this exciting new adventure while you’re on the go!


Conquering towering monsters calls for some serious firepower. As you take down monsters, you will receive materials that you can use to create stronger weapons and armor in order to hunt even more dangerous monsters. When you encounter specific monsters, choose from a range of weapon types from Monster Hunter Now’s diverse arsenal so you can have the best shot at defeating them.


Monsters from the world of Monster Hunter have appeared in your neighborhood! Pore through our archives to learn all about the colossal monsters you’ll need to hunt.