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New feature updates are coming your way!


Mark your calendars and get ready to fight monsters like never before with the latest update! Look for exciting new features and improvements starting Tuesday April 23rd!

Check out some of the key updates:

  • A Monster Tracker to enable you to hunt a monster of your choosing.
  • Receive Zenny when throwing away unwanted materials.
  • An additional reward slot and balance adjustments to make group hunts more enjoyable.
  • The ability to change the background and poses on your Guild Card.

◆Introducing the Monster Tracker

Ever wish you could choose specific monsters to hunt? Enter the Monster Tracker! All you have to do is specify the monster you want to hunt, as well as its strength. Then, defeat a certain number of large monsters for the chance to hunt your chosen monster.
*Some monsters cannot be tracked.

◆Receive Zenny when throwing away unwanted materials

You’ll now receive Zenny when offloading any extra materials! This can be done directly from your Item Box. Cha-Ching!

◆Improved matching for Hunt-a-thon group hunts

Team up with hunters who are farther away! If it’s taking a while to match up with other hunters in a Hunt-a-thon lobby, you’ll now be able to link up with Hunt-a-thon Points that are farther away! We’re expanding the range for other hunters to join, allowing you to join up with other hunters remotely. This should make group hunts much more accessible!
This feature was released with the April 18th update so give it a try today! Check the update info for details.

◆Group hunt rewards

In addition to making it easier to link up with other hunters, we’re also adding an extra reward slot for group hunts! Check out the “Group Hunt Rewards” when you link up and fight with fellow hunters!
*This slot is eligible for increasing rewards with a Special Carving Knife, just like basic rewards and broken part rewards.

◆Adjustments to monster part strength for group hunts

The percentage increase in the endurance of monster parts during group hunts will be reduced. This will make it easier to break monster parts when hunting together.

◆Guild Card update

You’ll be able to change not only your hunter medals but also the background and poses on your Guild Card! We’re also planning to add even more backgrounds and poses in the future.

◆A word from the developers

You spoke and we listened. With this update, we hope to address some of the many requests we receive from hunters to be able to hunt a monster of their choosing and to make better use of unwanted materials instead of throwing them away. We’re also adding these improvements to group hunts with the intention of making them more enjoyable, since joining up with other hunters is part of the fun of Monster Hunter.
We hope you enjoy these updates and we’ll continue working hard to make Monster Hunter Now even more fun. Happy hunting!

Additional Information:

*Update dates and times are subject to change without notice.
*Event details are subject to change.
*Some updates will require the latest version of the app.

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