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Join Monster Hunter Now’s Soft Launch and meet the newest character: Qualily

If you haven’t heard, Monster Hunter Now is now available in Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Sweden! Download now on the Google Play Store if you’re in one of those countries.

For Android users outside soft launch countries and iOS users, remember to pre-register to get rewards at launch!

We are also introducing a new character to Monster Hunter Now: Qualily. She was originally one of the best hunters in the guild, but now she retired from the front lines and devoted herself to training and assisting the younger generation. During her guild mission, she got caught up in an incident and came to this world.

Her knowledge of monsters and composure in guiding hunters is unparalleled — but so too is her curiosity, which draws her feverishly towards the unfamiliar objects of our world.

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Monster Hunter Now is available for download! Get outside and hunt monsters in the real world.