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Discounted Gems and exclusive Booster Pack on sale in the Web Store now!


The Monster Hunter Now Web Store is open!
Not only can you buy Gems that can be used in-game at a discounted price, you can also find an exclusive Booster Pack that is only available in the Web Store.

You can use your Monster Hunter Now account to log in to the Web Store.

Any Gems or other Items bought in the Web Store will automatically become available in the Monster Hunter Now account you are signed in with.

Items included in the Booster Pack:

  • Gem x1500
  • Wander Droplet x5
  • Paintball x5
  • Potion x20

New Packs will periodically be added to the Web Store so be sure to check the latest information here:

Download Today

Monster Hunter Now is available for download! Get outside and hunt monsters in the real world.