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Launching Today: “Monster Hunter Now” from Niantic and Capcom

Development for Monster Hunter Now began in 2019. After four long years and much support from Capcom, Monster Hunter Now is finally available to play globally as of today.

You can now become a hunter, with your regular commute or walking route as your hunting ground. Monster Hunter Now was designed to provide a hunting experience that blends seamlessly into your everyday life, with effortless one-handed play, 75-second bitesize hunts with epic monsters that bring you the highlights of the franchise, and a Paintball feature that allows you to mark monsters for later. We’re confident that both experienced and new hunters alike will enjoy this all-new hunting experience in the real world.

AR Camera Mode

With AR Camera Mode, majestic monsters can appear right in front of you in the real world. Interact with them and see their reactions, and easily share your encounter on social media.

Group Hunt

Encounter a monster that you might struggle to take down alone? Group Hunt makes it easy to recruit others to help. It automatically matches with you with nearby hunters so you can team up.
Two new features make this even easier:

Friends: Make friends using a QR code or friend code, or recruit new players using an invitation code. Not only can you play together, you and your battle companions can also earn rewards such as recovery pills and paintballs. Enjoy multiplayer play with up to four other hunters nearby.


Like other Monster Hunter series, Monster Hunter Now makes hunting easier by allowing hunters to pre-set equipment and weapons, so hunters can quickly change them during the game.
Using Loadout, a request from many who were part of the soft launch, players can select armor, weapons, and other equipment before a monster encounter, making it easier to switch between equipment while hunting.

Monster Hunter Now is an ever-evolving game and we plan to introduce more new monsters and weapon types going forward. One big update is already in the works, which we hope to announce to you before the end of the year!

We’re in an amazing time when anything is possible, even over great distances. Our hope is that Monster Hunter Now brings you even a little bit closer to your friends and family, no matter where they are in the world.

Let’s get out and hunt together!

Monster Hunter Now Team

Download Today

Monster Hunter Now is available for download! Get outside and hunt monsters in the real world.